CW Energy Installs 3622.07 kWp Rooftop Solar Power Plant In Turkey


CW Energy, a company known for its innovative approach, continues to make strides in producing its own electricity through the installation of solar power plants on rooftops. In collaboration with a Kütahya-based company, CW Energy has successfully completed the installation of a solar power plant with a capacity of 3622.07 kWp on the company’s roof. This initiative showcases CW Energy’s commitment to clean and sustainable energy efficiency.


Volkan Yılmaz, the CEO of CW Energy, highlighted the significance of solar energy in achieving clean and sustainable energy goals. Yılmaz emphasized their ongoing efforts to expand the use of solar energy systems, stating, “In this context, we have partnered with a company operating in Kütahya and equipped their roof with a 3622.07 kWp solar power plant. Through this installation, the company will prevent approximately 1,903,236 kg of carbon emissions annually. Additionally, it will save around 287 trees, contributing to the preservation of our vital natural environment.”

CW Energy’s collaboration with the Kütahya company not only empowers them to generate their own electricity but also helps them significantly reduce their carbon footprint. By embracing solar power, CW Energy aims to lead the way in promoting clean energy solutions and inspiring others to adopt sustainable practices.


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