Israel’s Energy Ministry To Invest In Renewable Energy R&D Projects

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Israel’s Energy Ministry has announced an investment of 25 million new shekels (6.96 million U.S. dollars) in innovative research and development (R&D) ventures within the energy and water sector.


The supported projects encompass areas such as renewable energy production, electricity transmission, smart electricity, energy storage, alternative transportation fuels, energy efficiency, cybersecurity, health, waste-to-energy, and more.

Through this tender, the ministry will fund up to 50% of the selected projects’ budgets, with a cap of 3 million shekels per project, and will provide advisory assistance.


The projects will be assessed based on their technological and business feasibility, relevance to national challenges, and a clear path for commercialization.

The initiatives will be carried out in collaboration with relevant government ministries and state-owned entities, including the Water Authority, the Israel Electric Corporation, and the Israel Natural Gas Lines company.

The ministry highlighted its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring energy security, and maintaining affordable energy costs for consumers, all of which can be achieved through substantial R&D efforts.

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