German Renewable Energy Group PNE AG and S.E.T. Collaborate for Green eFuels Project in South Africa

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German renewable energy group PNE AG and energy trading company S.E.T. Select Energy GmbH join forces for a pioneering eFuels project in South Africa. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) sets the stage for SET to purchase and distribute eFuels from PNE’s Power-to-X (PtX) initiative. This ambitious project, powered solely by solar and wind sources, aims to produce 500,000 tons of eFuels annually along the picturesque West Coast of the Western Cape.


In a significant move towards green energy adoption, German renewable energy group PNE AG (PNE) and energy trading company S.E.T. Select Energy GmbH (SET) have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for an offtake agreement in South Africa. Under this agreement, SET will purchase and distribute eFuels produced by PNE’s Power-to-X (PtX) project on the West Coast of South Africa.

PNE’s subsidiary, WKN Windcurrent, based in Cape Town, is spearheading the renewable energy-based PtX project, which aims to produce an impressive 500,000 tons of eFuels annually. The innovative project will be powered exclusively by solar and wind sources along the West Coast of the Western Cape, disconnected from the national power grid.

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The decision to produce eFuels aligns with the South African government’s strategy to foster a green hydrogen economy, utilizing the country’s abundant natural resources of sun and wind to generate renewable energy.

Mike Mangnall, Managing Director of WKN Windcurrent, expressed enthusiasm for the project and highlighted the crucial role of the offtake and logistics of raw materials and products in enabling its success. The project will source the water required for the hydrolysis process from a nearby desalination plant, with potential oversupply scenarios being explored to benefit the surrounding communities.

The MoU fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing between the partners, facilitating the commercial viability and long-term sustainability of the green eFuels project. Markus Lesser, CEO of PNE AG, emphasized the significance of climate protection on a global scale and hailed the project as a milestone in the company’s corporate strategy to provide holistic solutions for clean energy.

Co-CEO of S.E.T., York zu Dohna, underscored the increasing global importance of green energy supply and how the project exemplifies intercontinental energy transition and collaboration. South Africa’s favorable location for renewable energies and export logistics presents a unique advantage, making e-fuels accessible to both local and international customers.

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The groundbreaking partnership between PNE AG and S.E.T. Select Energy GmbH marks a progressive step towards sustainable energy solutions and signifies a significant contribution to the global fight against climate change. As clean energy pioneers, both companies aim to combine wind and solar energy with green hydrogen production and further processing, envisioning a cleaner and greener future.

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