Al Gihaz Contracting Awarded NEOM Mountain Substation Construction Contract

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The contract for the construction of the NEOM Mountain 380/132kV substation in the forward-looking NEOM mega-city of Saudi Arabia has been awarded to Al Gihaz Contracting Company Saudi Arabia by the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).


This significant contract, valued at SAR 744 million ($198.3 million), marks a significant advancement for the ambitious energy infrastructure project.


The project’s extent involves establishing a cutting-edge indoor Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) at 380/132kV capacity, referred to as NEOM Mountain BSP.


Key elements of the project involve installing essential equipment such as the 380kV and 132kV GIS systems, 502MVA Power Transformers, Reactors, an advanced Protection & Control System, Substation Automation System, Security System, Cybersecurity measures, Telecommunication System, Civil works, and comprehensive Electro-mechanical installations.

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