Trina Solar Begins Producing 210mm Monocrystalline Wafers in Vietnam


Trina Solar has yet again extended its international footprint with the production of 210mm monocrystalline silicon wafers in Vietnam. The first wafers recently rolled off the factory’s production line in the city of Thai Nguyen, 80 kilometres north of Hanoi. The factory will be able to produce 6.5 GW of wafers annually. With this new capacity, Trina Solar will have greater flexibility in being able to deliver its products worldwide.


The production green light was given on July 31, and the first monocrystalline silicon ingots, 300mm in diameter, rolled off the assembly line foreshadowing the production of the first wafers.

In addition to the new factory’s wafer production capacity of 6.5 GW, it has a cell capacity of 4 GW and a module capacity of 5 GW. The silicon wafer factory includes ingot pulling, machine processing, slicing, and silicon processing. The wafers produced are primarily used in cell and module production at Trina Solar’s sites in Vietnam and Thailand, including Trina’s supply to the U.S. market.

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Vertex modules that Trina produces outside China, help meet the growing worldwide demand for PV modules with high power, high efficiency, high reliability, high energy yield, and low LCOE. The Vietnam factory’s production of silicon ingots and wafers will ensure a steady supply of materials for other module production sites the company has overseas.

Trina Solar, committed to becoming a global leader in smart solar energy solutions, is fulfilling its mission of “solar energy for all” by making more competitive products and creating work opportunities. The Thai Nguyen wafer factory employs 700 locals. The company is also committed to the principles and practices of sustainable development, building a cohesive industrial ecosystem both at home and abroad.

With the production of 210mm n-type TOPCon cells in Qinghai province commencing in early August, Trina Solar integrated the entire process of the Qinghai factory and is accelerating the formation of an integrated n-type industrial layout. In the n-type era, Trina Solar leads the industry with exceptional products in a collaborative ecosystem that covers the entire industry chain.

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