OETC Inaugurates Suwayhat Grid Station: A Milestone In Oman’s Infrastructure Enhancement

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The Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC), a part of the Nama Group, has officially inaugurated the Suwayhat grid station at 400/132 kV, marking a pivotal achievement in the national infrastructure initiative known as Rabt. Valued at over RO 19 million, this project is set to deliver a robust and steady electricity supply to both the Al Wusta Governorate and regions linked with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).


The Suwayhat grid station constitutes a critical component of the Rabt endeavor, a strategic undertaking aimed at enhancing Oman’s electricity transmission network. This initiative plays a crucial role in bolstering the dependability of power supply, catering to the increasing electricity demand in the Sultanate of Oman, particularly within the Al Wusta Governorate and areas associated with PDO.

The successful commissioning of the grid station marks a noteworthy advancement in Oman’s endeavors to fortify its power infrastructure. The Suwayhat Grid Station initiative encompasses the expansion of overhead line (OHL) networks, including extensions from Barik Grid Station to Suwayhat Grid Station, spanning a distance of 128 km, as well as from Suwayhat to Duqm Grid Station, covering 197 km. These extensions are poised to enhance the uninterrupted and reliable flow of power.

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This new grid station, along with its associated overhead lines, arrives at a juncture where Oman is diligently progressing its infrastructure to support economic growth and diversification. Aligned with the aspirations of Oman Vision 2040, the project strives to establish a sustainable and diversified economy by broadening the foundation of the energy sector, thus elevating the accessibility and consistency of the power supply.

The far-reaching impacts of the Rabt project and the operationalization of the Suwayhat grid station are poised to be economically substantial. These developments are set to propel the expansion of existing industries, entice fresh investments, foster economic diversification, and create employment opportunities. Moreover, the improved power supply has the potential to enhance the overall quality of life in the Al Wusta Governorate and other regions affiliated with PDO.

Furthermore, the successful execution of the Rabt project is anticipated to enhance the reputation of the Sultanate of Oman as a reliable and appealing investment destination within the energy sector. This transformative initiative is expected to contribute positively to the nation’s ambitions of transitioning towards cleaner and more efficient energy sources.

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