India and Saudi Arabia Sign Energy Cooperation MoU to Advance Renewable Energy and Sustainability


In a significant move towards bolstering cooperation in the energy sector, India and Saudi Arabia have formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The signing ceremony took place in New Delhi on September 10, 2023, with Shri R. K. Singh, Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy and Power, representing the Indian government, and His Royal Highness Abdulaziz bin Salman Al-Saud, Minister of Energy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, representing the Saudi side.


The MoU outlines a comprehensive framework for collaboration between the two nations in various energy-related domains. Key areas of cooperation include renewable energy, energy efficiency, hydrogen production, electricity and grid interconnection, petroleum, natural gas, strategic petroleum reserves, and energy security. Both nations are poised to stimulate bilateral investments in renewable energy, electricity, hydrogen, storage, and the oil and gas sector.

Furthermore, the MoU highlights the significance of addressing climate change through circular economy practices, encompassing carbon capture, utilization, and storage. The agreement also underscores the promotion of digital transformation, innovation, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence in the energy sector.

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Crucially, India and Saudi Arabia aim to foster qualitative partnerships to localize materials, products, and services across various energy sectors and technologies. The cooperation with specialized energy companies is set to be strengthened, further enhancing the energy landscape.

The MoU signifies a significant stride towards a robust energy partnership between the two nations. It is expected to bolster India’s transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources while contributing to the global fight against climate change. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of both India and Saudi Arabia to reshape the future of energy in alignment with environmental goals.

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