LONGi and Sungrow Join Forces for C&I Solar Leadership Seminar in Dubai


LONGi Green Energy Technology Co. Ltd., MENA, collaborated with Sungrow for a groundbreaking joint seminar that took place on October 11, 2023, at SO/Uptown Dubai, UAE. The event, titled “C&I Solar Leadership: Shaping the Future,” convened industry experts and thought leaders who delved into cutting-edge solar technologies and products, exchanged insights on optimizing commercial and industrial (C&I) solar designs, and celebrated achievements within the solar energy sector.


The seminar’s agenda encompassed essential sessions focused on advanced solar system technology and products, real-world case sharing for optimizing C&I designs, and an exciting announcement regarding sustainability initiatives geared towards empowering youth.


LONGi and Sungrow, both esteemed industry manufacturers, jointly organized the event to deliver innovative solar solutions tailored explicitly for the C&I sector. Notably, this seminar marked the inaugural physical launch of LONGi’s Hi-MO X6 in the Middle East, poised to revolutionize solar solutions across the region.


LONGi also presented performance data on the Hi-MO X6, showcasing its exceptional track record in recent C&I projects within the Middle East, solidifying its position as the preferred choice for commercial solar installations.

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As a testament to their commitment to sustainability and education, LONGi and Sungrow unveiled their joint initiative, “Sustainability for the Youth Collaboration.” Recognized as leaders in the renewable energy sector, they announced their collaboration on training programs, solar education courses, scholarships, CSR projects, and partnerships with local educational institutions and organizations. This initiative aims to enhance awareness and skills related to renewable energy among youth, further advancing sustainable education.

LONGi’s earlier launch of the LONGi Solar Academy for the Middle East earlier in the year underscored their dedication to education and the ongoing growth of the industry.

The event provided a unique opportunity for industry leaders to connect, expand their knowledge, and explore potential collaborations in the dynamic realm of solar energy. Participants undoubtedly enriched discussions and contributed to the event’s overall success.

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