A Deep Dive into Growatt’s Global Leadership, Innovative Solutions and Vision with Abhishek Samaiya, GM Sales

Abhishek Samaiya, General Manager Sales, Growatt

1.How will Growatt capitalize on its global leadership as a residential inverter supplier and top PV inverter and storage hybrid inverter provider to strengthen its presence in the global energy market?


    Over the last decade, our global leadership has been cemented through strong in-house R&D capabilities, exemplified by a dedicated commitment to excellence. With an annual investment of 4.6% of revenue, backed by three R&D centers in China, a team of 1100+ professionals, and 167 patents, we swiftly adapt to market trends and diverse energy needs.


    Our expansive global network and robust sales channels fuel business expansion and reinforce our market dominance. Presently, our partnerships span across 14,700 customers in 182 countries, supported by 42 representative sites worldwide offering localized services.


    Across 20 countries in Europe, Americas, and APAC, our brand enjoys significant recognition owing to exceptional customer satisfaction, product reliability, and market reach. Notably, in 2022, we secured 25 Top PV Brand awards from EUPD Research, affirming our brand influence and strategic positioning in the global energy market.

    2.Can you outline the key features of Growatt’s PV inverters, energy storage systems, EV chargers, and smart energy management solutions, and their contributions to promoting cleaner and more energy-efficient living worldwide?

    Let’s summarize this into five parts.

    Comprehensive Solutions: Our integrated offerings encompass solar, energy storage, and EV charging, supported by a versatile inverter range spanning 0.75-253kW. These solutions hold a strong market presence across regions like Australia, the Americas, Europe, APAC, and more.

    High Efficiency: Our products prioritize maximum efficiency through advanced technology, boasting industry-leading energy conversion rates exceeding 98.4%. Additionally, the introduction of cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for residential and commercial rooftop PV applications enhances energy processing with innovative soft-switching parallel connection technology.

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    Cost Optimization: Our solutions focus on cost savings, exemplified by our C&I PV solution’s flexible string design, significantly minimizing energy loss due to shadows and module mismatches. The compatibility with large diameter aluminum cables further reduces AC cable costs, delivering optimal Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

    Safety and Reliability: Inverter designs incorporate Type II SPD, optional AFCI, rapid response times, and IP65 or higher ratings for enhanced safety across various applications. Meanwhile, our APX HV battery system boasts five layers of comprehensive protection, including an active Battery Management System (BMS), pack-level energy optimization, built-in fire protection, AFCI, and a replaceable fuse for ultimate reliability.

    Intelligence: Leveraging Big Data, AI, and IoT, our proprietary Online Smart Service (OSS) system offers intelligent monitoring, scheduling, energy-efficiency analysis, and management of power generation equipment. This platform enables households and businesses to achieve significant economic and social benefits through smart energy solutions.

    3.What role do Solar PV Monitoring and Residential Hybrid Inverters play in enabling homeowners to optimize solar energy usage and energy consumption patterns? 

    In 2020, we introduced GroHome, an innovative smart home energy management solution recognized as a Smarter E AWARD finalist. GroHome serves as a centralized platform connecting our diverse range of products—residential hybrid inverters, battery packs, EV chargers, water heater controllers, and IoT devices—to promote sustainable living for end users.

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    At the core of GroHome is the PV-Linkage mode, which intelligently activates GroHome appliances when surplus solar power is available, redirecting this excess energy to storage batteries, EVs, or for other practical use. Notably, in an Australian GroHome project, we successfully elevated PV self-consumption rates from approximately 25% to an impressive 65%.

    Operated through our cloud-based system, the ShinePhone app empowers users to monitor and regulate home appliances seamlessly. This app offers features such as appliance scheduling, voice control, and multi-zone settings, ensuring user-friendly access and control. Additionally, supported by our inverter monitors, the GroPanel allows users to manage energy consumption across multiple zones and control home appliances, facilitating efficient and intelligent home energy management.

    4.What are Growatt’s plans to expand its offerings and services to meet the evolving needs of global customers in the renewable energy sector?

    We are committed to advancing our technical expertise in inverters, batteries, and related fields to enhance efficiency and safety consistently. Concurrently, we aim to cater to the evolving energy needs of global residential and C&I users by expanding our product and service offerings.

    The global shift towards carbon neutrality, underscored by the phasing out of fossil-fuel vehicles, has created a surge in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Anticipating this trend, Growatt introduced the THOR 3-40kW smart EV charger in 2021, designed for versatile use in residential and commercial settings. Integrated with our GroHome system and PV linkage charge mode, users can remotely control and charge their EVs using 100% solar power, optimizing solar self-consumption and reducing bills.

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    In line with the expanding EV charging market, Growatt is actively developing Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology. This innovative approach allows electric vehicles to interact with power grids, enabling the supply of excess battery energy to the grid. V2G capabilities contribute to grid stability by balancing supply and demand dynamically.

    As renewable energy takes center stage in the global market, efficient management of distributed energy becomes imperative. Our cloud platform (OSS) has already connected over 2.1 million users, providing intuitive O&M solutions. Growatt’s solar and energy storage systems, facilitating access to Virtual Power Plants (VPP), enable users to leverage demand response, energy trading, and peak shaving for increased returns.

    Moreover, Growatt offers VPP platform solutions for operators, supporting the establishment of VPP programs. Our R&D team focuses on continual innovation within the VPP Platform, emphasizing self-learning, real-time weather and electricity price monitoring, and predictive energy strategies.

    Aligned with evolving user needs, we are committed to ongoing product iterations and service enhancements, ensuring continual value addition and meeting user expectations.

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