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    Solis 5G Three Phase Inverters


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    Solis-(80-100)K-5G, Solis-(100-110)K-HV-5GV-5G

    pixon september


    􀃂 Over 99% Max. euciency
    􀃂 Wide voltage range and low startup voltage
    􀃂 9/10 MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm
    􀃂 THDi<3%, low harmonic distortion against grid
    􀃂 Anti-resonance, single transformer can connect 6M+ in parallel
    􀃂 Perfect commercial site monitoring solution
    􀃂 Intelligent redundancy fan
    􀃂 Strings intelligent monitoring, Smart I-V Curve Dignosis supported
    􀃂 Fuse free design to avoid fire hazard

    􀃂 Type II surge arrester for both DC and AC, type I surge arrestor optional
    􀃂 Intelligent redundancy fan
    􀃂 Leakage current repression technology
    􀃂 Volt-watt work mode integrated
    􀃂 DC input reverse alarm
    􀃂 Optional anti-PID function integrated
    􀃂 Integrated AC & DC disconnect switches

    400V: Solis-80K-5G, Solis-100K-5G
    480V: Solis-100K-HV-5G
    540V: Solis-110K-HV-5G

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