Sofarsolar Is A Biggest Installer As A Top Position In Sky Project Scheme


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Mr. Brijesh Prajapati, Managing Director – India

What are the technological innovations that Sofarsolar is planning to bring in India?


To cater to the Indian Market we have established ‘’Sofarsolar India Pvt. Ltd’’ our Marketing and Service Center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Our range of gird tied inverters include 1KW to 6KW in single and 3KW to 70KW in three phases, Support zero export solution.  3kW power storage inverters and 3-6kW hybrid inverters in Single Phase & 10-20kW hybrid inverters in Three Phase, Li-Ion Batteries.


  • Hybrid Inverter- 3kW/3.6kW/4kW/5kW/6kW (1 Phase)
  • Hybrid Inverter- 8kW/10kW/12kW/15kW/20kW (3 Phase)
  • AC Retrofitting Single phase 6kW
  • 2nd generation of 50kW/60kW/70kW
  • New upcoming Rating: – 80kW/100Kw/120Kw
  • New upcoming Rating: – 220kW/250Kw with 1500v DC
  • Electrical Vehicle Charger
  • SOFAR AMASS Li-Ion Batteries.

What are the recent projects in India where Sofarsolar played a significant role?

1. SOFARSOLAR is a Biggest installer as a TOP Position in SKY PROJECT Scheme.  

SOFAR inverters are installed in the farms under SKY PROJECT (Surya Kisan Yojana) initiative of        GUJARAT Government at different Feeders covering GUJARAT region.

SOFARSOLAR inverters installed more than 28MW in SKY PROJECT-GUJARAT.  SOFARSOLAR have another more than 20MW projection for Coming SKY PROJECT (KUSUM YOJANA) Scheme.

Same scheme will be start very soon with another state from coming years.

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2. SOFARSOLAR is a Biggest installer as a TOP Position in GEDA-GUJARAT.  

In Roof top project scheme still SOFAR is first preference from client/EPC. Local sales-service support, profitable generation with reliable product performance, not using cheap quality component to make cheap price product. Same product features availability in India & abroad.  Not a compromise in quality & price to compete with cheap quality brand product. 

3. Started good quantum business with top most renewable Reputed EPC partner in India & SAARC, Middle East market.

What according to you is the future of Solar Industry in India?

Yes, we are performing very good in India rooftop market. SOFARSOLAR is a fastest growing product with good qualities, lesser service complain & prompt service solutions.  No compromise in quality to make cheap product, no compromise in product case material, wide display.  In Indian solar market expecting big projection in coming year after  last years  slowdown & uncertainties due to some policy & project, PPA. Coming year expected more than 10-12GW in rooftop & Medium – large scale projects.

The Government has up-scaled the target of renewable energy capacity to 175 GW by the year 2022 which includes 100 GW from solar, 60 GW from wind, 10 GW from bio-power and 5 GW from small hydropower. The government needs to be more concentrate on the end user’s requirement & support their ability for solar market development, net-metering confusion/clarification, subsidy provision.

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BIS Certification proposal has been welcomed by the solar industry & It’s likely to also attract more investment & development from Domestic and international manufactures. It will be create more employment in the market & also come with MAKE IN INDIA Concepts.

Given the tough competition how cost competitive is Indian and Global solar Inverter market?

If manufacturer compromise in quality to make cheap rate products then it’s very difficult to take a stand in market with long vision work & warranty duration. So now days it’s very difficult to get proper products in cheap rate.  For good product manufacturer focusing on  to control on  lower marginal game, no extra expenses & how can save a extra coast and not impact on business strategy. For manufacturer in India market also need to invest higher coast in BIS certification & also invest in another product generation, also another side to compete with cheap rate brand product. “Serving good quality product on lower margin with prompt service support “tagline will give good business in tough competition.

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How does your company cope up with the competition in the market?

We are performing very good in India renewable market. SOFARSOLAR is a fastest growing product with good qualities, lesser service complain & prompt service solutions.  No compromise in quality to make cheap product, no compromise in product component material, wide display is OUR KEY Features. Sofarsolar have good strong market in ROOFTOP Solar business & also in EPC Sector.

We are believing in LOCAL SALES-PROMPT SERVICE SUPPORT with LONGVISION Reliable Product Business Policy.

In price completive market SOFAR OFFERING 8 YEARS Warranty with GOOD Quality Products.

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