Demand For Rooftop Solar Power Rises in Vietnam


In Vietnam for consumers who are not using power for daily activities, the installation of rooftop solar systems will significantly reduce the monthly electricity bill. Specifically, during peak hours, customers who are buying commercial electricity (voltage below 6kV) will have to pay VND4,587/kWh; and the price for produced power is VND 3,076/kWh (excluding VAT), Vietnam Electricity stated. If customers use rooftop solar power, they will reduce this output at a high price during the morning peak hours (9:30 – 11:30). Therefore, it will reduce costs and increase production and business efficiency for businesses.


The selection of investment for capacity of solar power systems depends on the needs of each household and enterprise. The investment rate is about 20 million – 25 million/kWp with equipment imported from well-known and reputable brands in the world. In addition, some contractors also offer lower prices, diversifying options for people. Customers will be assisted by Vietnam Electricity for free installation of 2-way meters; mechanism of electricity buying and selling by the separate direction of delivery and receiving if the solar cell system meets the standards and conditions required for connecting the existing power grid.

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As of early June 2020, there have been more than 31,100 RSP systems across the country, with a total installed capacity of more than 640MWp, a net output of more than 145 million kWh, the total cost amount of power paid to customers by EVN is more than VND 300 billion.


The development criteria of RSP are mainly encouraged by the direction that customers are self-consuming, creating local power supply, contributing to ensuring power supply when Vietnam’s electricity system has no backup source.

EVN General Director Tran Dinh Nhan affirmed that the Group would create the most favourable conditions and support for the RSP development, bringing efficiency to investors, and being suitable for the absorption and release capacity of the grid.

In the coming time, EVN will study and publish information on the capacity to absorb RSP sources in areas for investors to consider choosing the appropriate scale and location of investment in the system; At the same time, giving guidance on technical standards to assist people in selecting appropriate technology.

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