Sungrow Has Got Its Own Strategic Partnership With Customers On A Long-Term Business To Establish A Dedicated Service Network With All The Spares – Singaravelan Natarajan Service Head, Sungrow


In an exclusive interview with SolarQuarter India, Singaravelan Natarajan, Service Head, Sungrow spoke about the past year’s developments in the company. He also spoke about the differentiating factors of Sungrow’s services, their inverter solutions and future outlook for 2022.


1. Tell us how has the year 2021 been for Sungrow in terms of business, service, and support?


In 2021 related business 3GW supplied in India and we are placing no1 position in terms of PV business.


Related to services we are the biggest service team in the PV inverter in India. We received the best quality services OEM in India 2021 organised by SolarQuarter. We have 40+ service engineers including off-role employees.


Related to support we have been placed onsite local engineers according to installed base in which customers are getting benefited on energy generation loss due to less downtime with immediate support and we keep increasing our manpower’s as our sales been getting added nearly 3gwGW every recent year and we also have dedicated hotline services for the telephonic support to resolve the minor issues if the fault severe we will arrange the engineer immediately.

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2. With 17 years of experience in service, how has your experience been in Sungrow? What are the differentiating factors of Sungrow’s services?

With 17 years of experience, I could see that the company’s motto is providing service to customers without losing any generation irrespective of any fault related to the product’s internal or external cause as a priority.

Sungrow has got its own strategic partnership with customers on a long-term business to establish a dedicated service network with all the spares.

3. What are some of the types of Sungrow’s inverter solutions? And what are some service facilities provided with them?

For the utility, we have products from 200kW to 8.8MW, for the C&I market we have from 33kW to 100kW and for the residential ranges from 3kW to 20kW.

To provide high-quality services we have 2 bonded warehouses in Chennai and Mumbai it will equip with ready inverters. Along with this we also have 8 warehouses across India equipped with ready inverters and a complete set of spare parts. Adding to this onsite service engineer also have equipped with some critical spare parts so that we can ensure the uptime as much as possible.

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We also provide some critical parts along with the supply based on the location and service criticality.

4. Sungrow has been the World’s Most Bankable Inverter Brand for 3 consecutive years now. What have been the contributing factors for this achievement and what has been the role of good quality service in it?

The product quality, onsite product performance, customer acceptance, adhering to the timeline and commitments and the service support provided to the customer. Based on the above parameters the company is growing big and getting customer trust which is making most bankable inverter brands across the globe.

5. What is Sungrow looking forward to in 2022?

Keep customers happy by providing reliable products with the service support as expected and try to keep the customer services at topmost priority not only in service including all the product-oriented processes from manufacturing to commissioning of the product and service.

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