Fimer Commissioned a Unique 100kW Floating Solar+Storage Plant for the Prestigious CESC in Kolkata


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    Established in 1942, FIMER is an Italian company, one of the world’s largest, tier one, renewable energy equipment suppliers. Specializing in solar inverters, energy storage solutions and electric mobility systems, FIMER offers a comprehensive solar solutions portfolio across all applications: residential, commercial & industrial and Utility-scale.


    FIMER MGS100 microgrid system can supply power to connected loads by utilizing PV power, utility power, DG  and battery power. Depending on different power conditions, this microgrid system is designed to continuously support loads from PV solar panels, batteries, and utilities. If the PV module’s MPP input voltage is within acceptable limits, this inverter can generate power to feed the loads and charge the battery.

    FIMER recently commissioned a unique 100kW floating solar plant with a storage facility for the prestigious CESC in Kolkata.

    Plant details: 100kW

    Storage: 218kWHr

    Source of power : solar + grid + battery

    Product : #fimerspa MGS 100-80/100 microgrid inverter

    CESC, the local power utility service provider in Kolkata tries out microgrids to manage critical supplies. They recently commissioned a floating solar plant of 100kWp with a 218kWhr battery energy storage facility to ensure a stable power supply to critical operations in case of grid failure caused by a technical snag or an extreme event such as a cyclone. The project was commissioned at its Chakmir substation near Maheshtala. The microgrid can continue to provide power from the 100kW power generated at the floating solar plant during the day while the 218kWH battery energy storage system can keep the system running for two hours after sunset.

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    Microgrid helps maintain uninterrupted and quality power supply for essential services, improving the overall resilience of the grid. It will supply the local load of the substation, sourcing green power from the floating solar plant. The BESS system will ensure an uninterrupted power supply in case of the failure of grid power. the entire system can be operated in both on-grid and off-grid modes.

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