China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited Signs Agreement For A Green Hydrogen Project In Egypt


China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited (CEEC) signed a memorandum of cooperation for a green hydrogen project with the local government and businesses in Egypt, marking CEEC’s hydrogen business’s first step to going global.


Located at the crossroad of Africa, Europe, and Asia, Egypt boasts an advantageous geographical location and rich wind & solar energy resources. Planned to be developed in two phases, the green project includes a solar- and wind-powered power plant, water electrolysis hydrogen generators and ammonia synthesis devices, and supporting storage & processing facilities. Upon completion, it will churn out 140,000 tons of green hydrogen per year.


Early in 2011, CEEC launched R&D of hydrogen technology and is one of the earliest enterprises in China to conduct such research. Since then, we have been a steadfast advocate for the application of hydrogen energy in manufacturing, construction, and transportation.


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