PIXON Offers Exceptionally Productive Modules Tried In Their In-house PV Module Test Lab


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    The company is equipped with a state-of-the-art turnkey manufacturing facility of 400 MW capacity and has expanded its product line to 1 GW with Multibusbar and Topcon modules. PIXON houses a cleanroom environment facility to a 1GW manufacturing line for EVA films. The company is also backed by the strong financial background of its parent company – Marwadi Shares & Finance Limited. The blend of a young team, under the guidance of experienced players, makes PIXON versatile for creative operations and futuristic innovations.


    PIXON envisions globally providing efficient solar energy products. Thus, contributing and enhancing Global Climate Sustainability.


    PIXON manifests into solar products and creating quality solutions for customers. The modules radiate excellence through quality and high return. PIXON offers exceptionally productive modules tried in our in-house PV Module Test Lab. The top-notch scope of solar modules is designed in India utilizing European innovation and technology.

    We essentially produce 5 distinct sorts of Solar modules:-

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    Mono-Crystalline PERC Modules.

    Poly-Crystalline Modules

    Poly-Crystalline DCR Modules

    Poly-Crystalline Half-Cut Cell Modules

    Mono-Crystalline PERC Half-Cut Cell Modules.

    EVA Films:

    PIXON, one of the topmost solar EVA film manufacturers has the capability to manufacture top-quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) films. They have a bandwidth capacity of up to 1 GW for manufacturing EVA films. Our PID-free solar EVA films are perfect for all types of solar cells. The PIXON’s PID-free EVA films provide higher productivity and lower shrinkage.

    The range of EVA Films includes:

    Fast Cure EVA Films

    Ultra-Fast Cure EVA Films

    Following are the two sub-categories which are as follows


    PIXON houses a cleanroom environment facility to a 1 GW manufacturing line for EVA films. With higher productivity and lower shrinkages, the PIXON EVA films ensure that the solar cells are protected and solar modules provide a better performance, even while facing the utmost harsh weather conditions.


    PIXON’s PID-free EVA films are suitable for all types of solar cells and back sheets with a cycling time of fewer than 10 minutes that speeds up your module production to provide increased yield.

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