Magnom Properties Unveils Forbes International Tower: Pioneering Zero-Carbon Emissions With Clean Hydrogen Innovation

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Magnom Properties, a subsidiary of Rawabi Holding, has revealed that the pioneering ‘Forbes International Tower,’ designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG Architecture), will be the world’s first project to operate entirely on the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) system. This revolutionary technology allows hydrogen to be safely stored, transported, and released in an environmentally friendly manner.


In line with the Forbes International Tower’s goal of achieving zero-carbon emissions, Magnom Properties has signed an MoU with Schneider Electric, a prominent company in energy management and automation, and H2-Enterprises, a global provider of hydrogen generation and energy storage solutions. Through this collaboration, the focus is on leveraging the sustainable capabilities of clean hydrogen to accelerate the ambitious zero-carbon emission goals of the Forbes International Tower.

Through the utilization of H2-Enterprises’ proprietary technologies, which convert non-recyclable plastics and organic waste into clean hydrogen, and Schneider Electric’s innovative digital solutions for energy management, the Forbes International Tower will not only address critical energy challenges but also sustainably power its operations around the clock.


Under this strategic collaboration, the Forbes International Tower, planned in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, will tackle energy challenges by using clean hydrogen derived from renewable waste sources produced in a climate-neutral manner to meet its operational needs. The surplus of clean hydrogen, which is free of CO2 emissions, safe, and easily storable, will also be utilized for various applications to support the energy requirements of businesses in the region.

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The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by key executives including Othman A. Ibrahim, the CEO of Rawabi Holding and Vice Chairman of Magnom Properties, Maged Marie, the CEO of Magnom Properties, Sebastien Riez, the Cluster President responsible for the North East Africa and Levant region at Schneider Electric, and Michael Stusch, the Executive Chairman and CEO of H2-Enterprises.

Othman A. Ibrahim expressed delight in signing the MoU, stating that as an organization committed to long-term sustainability in the region, they aim to drive innovative smart climate solutions that address urban development challenges. Maged Marie emphasized the Forbes International Tower’s role in driving innovations, enhancing energy efficiency, and achieving zero-carbon emissions while reinforcing their commitment to building an environmentally intelligent structure and revolutionizing sustainability in the region.

The partnership between Magnom Properties, Schneider Electric, and H2-Enterprises addresses global environmental challenges related to waste pollution and the creation of clean energy. Through the advancement of hydrogen production, storage, transport, and trading capabilities, the Forbes International Tower sets the stage for the worldwide shift towards sustainable energy and the growth of a hydrogen-based economy.

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Schneider Electric’s Amel Chadli stated that the Forbes International Tower exemplifies their vision of achieving net-zero buildings through decarbonization of energy supply, reshaping the way the Middle East and Africa power and shape the built environment. The tower’s energy harnessed from clean hydrogen is likely to exceed its required capacity, and its versatility makes it suitable for various purposes within the building, further maximizing efficiency and resourcefulness while achieving a negative net carbon footprint and utilizing waste effectively.

Michael Stusch, Executive Chairman and CEO of H2-Enterprises expressed excitement about the landmark MoU and the transition towards zero-emission electrification of real estate powered by hydrogen derived from LOHC. The collaboration aims to combat climate change, limit global temperature rise, and expedite the transformative process towards a sustainable future.

By collaborating in this partnership, Magnom Properties will harness the future potential of clean hydrogen to expedite the achievement of the ambitious zero-carbon objectives set for the Forbes International Tower. Schneider Electric, in conjunction with Magnom Properties and H2-Enterprises, strives to accelerate sustainability and automation in building infrastructure, while broadening the notion of sustainable and people-centric “Buildings of the Future.”

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