Ministry Reforms Approved List of Solar PV Module Manufacturers for Enhanced Efficiency

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In a move to streamline the implementation of the Approved Models and Manufacturers of Solar Photovoltaic Modules (ALMM) Order, 2019, the Ministry has issued a series of updates and reforms. The Ministry’s recent Office Memorandum (O.M.) brings significant changes to the enlistment criteria for solar PV module manufacturers and models, with a focus on compliance with BIS standards and module efficiency.


The Approved List of Models and Manufacturers for Solar Photovoltaic Modules under the ALMM has undergone several updates since March 10, 2021. The most recent revisions were carried out on May 10, 2023, The key reforms include the enlistment of only those models of Solar PV Module Manufacturers that meet the BIS standards and demonstrate specific minimum module efficiency.

The minimum module efficiency required for enlistment varies based on the application/use category.
For Utility/Grid Scale Power Plants (Category I), the minimum module efficiency is set at 20.0%.
Rooftop and Solar Pumping (Category II) require a minimum module efficiency of 19.5%, while
Floating (Category III) demands 19.0%.

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It is important to note that, post-May 10, 2023, only models of Solar PV Modules with an efficiency equal to or greater than 19.00% have been considered for enlistment under the ALMM List-I.

Additionally, the Ministry has taken a strict approach towards manufacturers whose models’ validity expired on or before March 9, 2023, and had not applied for renewal. Such manufacturers have been delisted from the ALMM List-I.

The Ministry has released the revised List-I (Manufacturers and Models of Solar PV Modules) of the ALMM Order, 2019, titled Revision-XIII. This updated list provides clarity and transparency in the selection process and aims to ensure that only high-quality and efficient solar PV modules are enlisted for use in various applications.

The revisions reflect the government’s commitment to promoting and implementing sustainable solar energy solutions, setting higher efficiency standards, and encouraging manufacturers to adhere to quality assurance protocols. These measures are expected to strengthen India’s solar sector and foster an environment conducive to renewable energy growth.

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