SJVN Green Energy Announces Tender for 75 MW Solar PV Power Plant in Bihar

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In a significant move towards bolstering renewable energy infrastructure, SJVN Green Energy Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SJVN Limited, has initiated an online bidding process through Open Tender Basis for a 75 MW(AC) Grid Connected Solar PV Power Plant in Jamui, Bihar.


The project encompasses the entire spectrum of development, including Design, Engineering, Supply, Construction, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, and a comprehensive three-year Operation & Maintenance period. The initiative aims to contribute to Bihar’s renewable energy goals and augment its power generation capacity. The bidding process adopts a Single Stage Two Envelope mechanism, wherein the technical and commercial aspects (Envelope-I) are submitted separately from the Balance of System Package, including three years of Operation & Maintenance (Envelope-II).

Notably, the supply of solar PV modules will be handled independently by SJVN Green Energy Limited, underscoring the specialized nature of the project. The Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) phase is slated to last for 325 days from the date of issuance of the Letter of Award (LOA) to the selected contractor.

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Furthermore, the Operation & Maintenance phase extends for three years from the completion of the Commercial Operation Date (COD). Interested bidders can acquire the bid documents for a non-refundable fee of Rs. 5000.00 (+18% GST). As per the requirements outlined in Attachment-3, a Bid Security/Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 2.35 Crore is mandatory.

The timeline for bid submission is set for August 31, 2023, by 13:00 Hrs, followed by the opening of the Techno-commercial Bid on the same day at 14:00 Hrs. The bid validity period is 120 days from the final submission date, as prescribed by SJVN Green Energy Limited, with the possibility of extensions.

This initiative signifies a major stride in advancing sustainable energy solutions and underscores the commitment of SJVN Green Energy Limited to contribute to India’s renewable energy aspirations.

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