Siemens and Progressture Solar Join Forces to Accelerate Malaysia’s Transition to Clean Energy


Siemens and Progressture Power Sdn Bhd (Progressture Solar) have forged a pioneering collaboration aimed at propelling Malaysia’s green energy transition agenda through cutting-edge digitization technologies. This significant partnership was formally established with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the Smart Nation Expo 2023. Its primary objective is to advance integrated energy solutions that seamlessly combine energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) to usher in a sustainable energy future for Malaysia.


This partnership is geared towards fostering cooperation with industry stakeholders to deliver seamless energy solutions that facilitate significant emissions reductions and support businesses in adopting sustainable, environmentally conscious practices. Siemens and Progressture Solar, as champions of industrial decarbonization, are streamlining the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency through user-friendly ownership models.


The overarching objective is to accelerate our nation’s pursuit of halving carbon emissions by 2030, in alignment with the New Industrial Master Plan (NIMP) 2030, and to advance towards the net-zero aspirations outlined in the National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR) by 2050. At its essence, this partnership revolves around a common vision to substantially reduce energy consumption and reduce reliance on the grid, offering customized energy solutions tailored for both multinational corporations (MNCs) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within the industrial sector.

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Additionally, the partnership encompasses technical assistance, resource sharing, and the exchange of expertise within the solar and energy market landscape between both companies.

Siemens, a global technology leader, leverages its expertise in seamlessly integrating the physical realm of automation with the digital domain of information technology to empower clients in expediting their digital transformation.

Progressture Solar, as a prominent provider of clean energy solutions and a net-zero partner in Malaysia, delivers comprehensive and accessible renewable energy solutions to commercial and industrial (C&I) clients. Their standout offering lies in their all-inclusive clean energy solution and flexibility in tailoring solar photovoltaic systems to meet the unique requirements of C&I clients, setting them apart in the emerging solar industry.

Within this collaboration, Siemens will provide energy audit services, energy efficiency solutions, and energy management through digitalization and automation. Progressture will assume the role of Siemens’ primary solar partner for current and prospective ventures, offering a bundled array of energy solutions that seamlessly combine energy efficiency solutions with renewable energy.

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Mr. Ng Yew Weng, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Progressture Solar, says, “We are keenly aware of the challenges that businesses face when adopting clean energy solutions and energy-efficient technology, and that is why we are committed to present a wide spectrum of accessible and easy ownership models. From Zero CAPEX and outright purchase options to flexible leasing solutions, our goal is to ensure accessibility for all, regardless of their energy needs or financial constraints. In doing so, we will help businesses to reduce their energy costs, improve their overall operations and meet their ESG commitments.” 

The industrial sector represents a substantial source of global carbon emissions, and at present, a significant 78.5% of carbon emissions in Malaysia stem from fossil fuels. Given this context, it becomes imperative for the industrial sector to take swift action in curbing its carbon footprint.

Through the collaborative efforts of Progressture Solar and Siemens in delivering sustainable energy solutions, this partnership is poised to offer the industrial sector precisely the tools it needs to make substantial reductions in emissions. Such solutions will empower companies to meet their sustainability objectives. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Malaysia’s National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR), which sets a target of achieving a 70% renewable energy capacity mix by 2050.

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“Siemens is committed to transform the industry and infrastructure sector in Malaysia through digitalization  and automation. These are key levers enabling companies to use energy more efficiently, reduce carbon emissions, and therefore foster a more sustainable industry practice,” commented Mr. Tindaro Danze, President & CEO, Siemens Malaysia.

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