REI 2023: New Solutions Launched by Sungrow Shows its Confidence in Unleashing Indian Renewable Energy Potential


Sungrow, the leading global inverter and energy storage system supplier, shows its comprehensive renewable energy solutions and launches new products in India during REI 2023. India’s energy transition is at a critical stage. Sungrow’s innovative products and solutions will help India further improve its energy structure and expand efficient, safe, and clean energy utilization.


India, one of the most populous countries in the world, faces huge energy needs and environmental challenges. Its government actively promotes renewable energy development and consumption and takes measures to promote sustainable development. After encouraging utility-scale ground photovoltaics for a long time, the Indian government has begun to expand rooftop photovoltaics. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) announced that India had achieved a staggering 71,145.01 MW of cumulative solar power capacity by July 2023, including rooftop and utility-scale solar.


The latest generation of utility-scale solar-plus-storage energy solutions released


Sungrow launches its new generation of utility-scale solar-plus-storage energy solutions during REI 2023. The solutions include the innovative “1+X” modular inverter, the new generation 320kW string inverter SG320HX-20, and the new generation energy storage system, the PowerTitan 2.0.

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The “1+X” modular inverter is an innovative product that combines the advantages of central and string inverters. By combining eight units, the “1+X” modular inverter can reach 8.8 MW in capacity, offering a minimum capacity of 1.1 MW per unit. Also tailored to utility-scale PV plants, the new generation of SG320HX-20 realizes lower LCOE, enhanced protection, and stronger grid support.

In the field of energy storage systems, the PowerTitan 2.0 incorporates Sungrow’s expertise in power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid technology. With the latest utility-scale energy storage innovation, the battery contains 314 Ah of capacity, integrates a string Power Conversion System (PCS) into the battery container, embeds strong grid support technology, and features liquid-cooled temperature control in a systematic manner. To maximize power density, the 20-foot container is equipped with a 5 MWh battery and a 2.5 MW power conversion system.

Comprehensive C&I energy solutions with power optimizers to promote power generation efficiency

A full range of Sungrow’s energy solutions for the C&I sector are available. They introduce the inverter SG125CX-P2, energy storage system, the PowerStack, power optimizer SP600S, and the new generation digital O&M platform iSolarCloud. With an all-encompassing solution, these parks can harness clean energy systematically.

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To further promote power generation efficiency, the SP600S surpasses similar products due to its dual functionality of “optimization” and “shutdown”. As a result of its module-level independent optimization, generating capacity increases by 30%, rooftop installation capacity increases by 20%, module-level shutdown protects PV systems across their entire lifecycle, and MBS O&M is highly efficient, so diagnoses can be made faster, more accurate, and with fewer losses in energy.

Innovative home energy solutions tailored to Indian households

The new home energy solutions Sungrow brings to Indian families this time are the SG5.0RS-L, SG20RT-P2 hybrid inverters, and the battery SBR128. This solution can meet the needs of different families and roofs. It is safe, efficient, and simple in operation and maintenance, which can help India effectively use building roofs to generate clean power.

It’s worth mentioning that Sungrow has launched the “light” version of its residential hybrid inverter, the SG5.0RS-L, which features a sleek, ultra-light weight design and delivers blazing power. Moreover, its redesigned light cover increases corrosion resistance and simplifies installation. You can also get insight into everything you care about with its innovative safety features.

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Sunil Badesra, Country Manager for Sungrow India, said, “India has a substantial potential for solar energy development.” The rapid growth of photovoltaic installed capacity has also strengthened our confidence. With a 10 GW capacity factory set-up, we have contributed significantly to the remarkable ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ initiative by offering innovative, safe, and high-quality products. Besides creating job opportunities and promoting regional economic growth, Sungrow will spare no effort to accelerate India’s local energy transition.”

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