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    ETi-SOL IIOT SCADA: The New Age Of Predictive Maintenance


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    Setting up a solar power plant is not an easy task. But a more persisting and resource consuming activity to keep the plant going is Operation and Maintenance(O&M). On a Solar photovoltaic power plant, stakes are high for operation and Maintenance.

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    The fruits of commissioning and plant set up continue to bear the same amount of performance, only if there is a continual operation and maintenance activity. Although the traditional practice involves preventive maintenance activity done on a periodic basis, it is now time to make smart choices and decisions. Predictive maintenance is the key.

    Predictive maintenance is a proactive maintenance strategy, that predicts the possible failure or low performance of an equipment in the future, backed by the data collected from the same equipments. This strategy not only reduces the downtime of equipment but also maximizes up-time and increases the reliability, making the equipment an enhanced revenue asset.  

    EnerMAN’ s ETi-SOL is your smart assistant for predictive maintenance. EnerMAN’ s product collects the data from various sensors and devices, analyzes the data and gives out reports and alerts, from which the operation and maintenance personnel can perform predictive maintenance, even before the device might need a corrective maintenance, thereby reducing the down-time and cutting extra costs.

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    This remote monitoring solution not only monitors the plant data but also analyzes the captured data to provide alerts on the health of the PV plant asset. It generates daily generation reports and gives out performance rates for each equipment on the horizon. ETi-SOL employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (AI & ML) to generate secondary alerts on the health of each asset. This alert is your smart suggestion, to give O&M activities a go. 

    This is how ETi-SOL leverages your predictive maintenance activities:

    Comprehensive daily generation reports: 

    ETi-SOL monitors the health of PV plant assets and gives out daily generation reports. This includes device details, daily generation details, performance rates and import to export details. This paints a picture to the O&M personnel at the end of each day. Gone are the days, where each O&M personnel was required to spend few hours a day, noting down all the values and checking the health status of all equipments. All this data analytics is just a click away!

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    Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF) rates: 

    ETi-SOL reports page gives out a Capacity Utilization Factor (CUF) in percentage. This is a very critical and important insight to O&M personnel. If the rates are low, it means that it is time for a routine check. Based on the same, there are secondary alerts created for further activities.

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    Performance ratio (PR) and instant grid availability:

    Simply login and check the performance ratio of each block, device, or room. Higher rates above average indicates that all is well. Lower rate raises an alarm for maintenance activities. Another important feature is the grid availability. No need to go all the way in the field to check the grid status. It is displayed on the dashboard. If the grid is down, there are high alerts and red alerts generated to get you in notice. An SMS can also be sent if you are on the field. This reduces the downtime of the grid, so that you can get to work on the go.

    Insolation/reference yield & Geo-tagging:

    We take a quick raincheck for you and send out alerts. Rainy, summer, or winter we give your Kwh/m² reading and let you know if the ratings are as expected for your area. The same will be reflected in the performance ratio and daily generation reports.

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    Got a huge power plant and new O&M personnel? Geo tagging helps you define the exact position of your equipment and guides the personnel to attend to the problem faster.

    Customizable templates:

    We listen to you. Render your needs. Get your dashboard the way you want it. Yes, we also take in customized alerts and reports. We represent the data the way you are used to see it. All we need is a template of yours and we are good to go.

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