Bull Power Solar Will Develop an Open Access Captive Solar Park “Martanda”


    Rajasthan has imbibed greater potential in terms of harnessing green solar energy while utilising it in prosperous ways, thereby nominating Rajasthan as the most eligible state for the development of an open access captive solar park. The place becomes more ideal having the business-friendly solar policy from the Government of Rajasthan. In such scenario, Rajasthan’s fast-moving and leading solar EPC Company Bull Power Solar is solely determined to introduce a new and resourceful angle to a new project while keeping in mind the savings in large industrial and corporate electricity bills with the installation of a 50 MW Captive Solar Power Park in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. 


    Mr. Dinesh Kumar Bishnoi, an enthusiastic young professional having more than 10 years of experience in the solar industry, is determined and confident about the immense possibilities that can be unravelled while bringing the unique concept of solar park into life. The main concept is to provide electricity to commercial and industrial users at very cheap rates and to contribute to mother earth making it more greener. According to initial preparations, Bull Power Solar will develop an open access Captive Solar Park “MARTANDA”, synonymous to “SURYA DEV” the lord of light, keeping in mind the savings in electricity bill for the consumers along with the provision of luxurious facilities and services. Advantages for the end customers include the complete and most prolific service provision from Bull Power Solar. Right from the installation to the operational perspective, the company will take care of everything therefore offering maximum peace of mind to the customers.

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    This mammoth solar park will be feasible at a cost of about INR 3.0 billion and will have the potential to generate about 85 million units of electricity annually along with the contribution in reducing the carbon emission by 85 million tonnes every year. “MARTANDA” is a gem of an idea for all those consumers who are unable in harnessing green solar power due to certain limitation like unavailability of sufficient space, man power unavailability for plant management, financial inability to invest hefty amount in one go, last but not the least time for the professional as well as personal family. “MARTANDA” is the project that is planned keeping each and every type of commercial and industrial consumers in mind like big manufacturing and trading facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial Complexes, Educational Institutes, Warehouses, Business Parks and many more.


    All the customers associated with us through the “MARTANDA” project will also have full authority to subscribe to the specially designed ultra-luxurious in-house amenities like Club House, Swimming Pool, Hotel, Restaurant, Conference Halls, Learning Centre and many more to be added. Few remarkable attributes of the solar park will be:

    • Highly efficient Made in India solar modules and BOS
    • A fully automated cleaning system
    • Complete operation and management by Bull Power Solar’s highly experienced man power.
    • Black and smooth Road facilitating ease and comfort of communication.
    • 24X7 Security and CCTV surveillance.
    • Access to Luxury Hotel and Restaurant. 
    • Common/Shared Club House.
    • Corporate Branding and Marking (in-stadia) of the park.
    • Special provision for visitors (Guest Rooms and other common facilities).

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