Bahrain To Save BD230 Million in 5 Yrs By Investing On Renewable Energy


Dr Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza, Chairman. Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) said that Bahrain is aiming to produce 5% of its total power through green energy by 2025. This will enable the Kingdom to save BD230 million in energy production.


The Kingdom has 535 buildings that can accommodate solar systems on their roofs, he added.

The national renewable energy plan revolves around three main policies and seven projects and that the national goal aims to increase the share of renewable energy in the total energy mix by 5%, equivalent to 250 MW by 2025 and 10% by 2035.


SEA in collaboration with Education Ministry has tendered to set up solar system at eight schools. Also 23 Government entities has expressed their interest to have the solar rooftop projects.

“We have developed a unique initiative by giving sustainable energy certificates which have been accredited by the Cabinet to those who invest in green energy” said Mirza.

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