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Week In MiddleEast: Iran Pre-Qualifies 85 Bidders To Construct 4 GW Of Renewable Energy Tender; Masdar To Construct Four Solar Plants Of 1,000 MW Capacity In Iraq; And More


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Iran Pre-Qualifies 85 Bidders To Construct 4 GW Of Renewable Energy Tender

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In line with the Ministry of Energy’s plan in the 13th government to construct 10,000 MW of renewable power plants, a public investment tender was held for the construction of 4,000 MW in accordance with the executive regulations of Article 12 of the Law on Removing Barriers to Competitive Production and Improving the Financial System which was announced during the call on April 24 of this year. Out of 106 investing companies, the number of 85 companies gained the necessary points to participate in the tender. Memoranda of Understanding among the General governorships and Iran’s Renewable Energy and Electricity Efficiency Organization (SATBA) were implemented in the field of development of renewable and clean power plants, optimization and promotion of electricity efficiency in order to specify the construction sites due to the tenders in order to be rendered a short list in accordance with the needs of the region and the province and without any problems in terms of land transfer and issuance of environmental permits.

Masdar To Construct Four Solar Plants Of 1,000 MW Capacity In Iraq

Masdar, one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies, will construct four solar plants with a combined capacity of 1,000 MW in Iraq, an official said. According to Ahmed Mousa, a spokesperson for the Ministry, the projects will soon be launched after the Iraqi Electricity Ministry signed two days ago a contract for consultancy. He added that the provinces compromise Maysan, Dhi Qar, Nineveh, and Alnbar, Iraq’s largest governorate. According to him, the Ministry had already signed an agreement with Masdar for these projects and they will be completed in 2-3 years. Masdar announced in October 2021 that it would build 100 MW and 250MW plants in Ramadi, 100 MW plant each in Mosul, 100MW, 450 MW plant at Dhi Qar, and a 100MW plant in Amarah. This will add up to 1,000 MW.

W Solar Investment Signs An Agreement With GECOL To Collaborate In Libya’s Renewable Energy Sector

W Solar Investment, a subsidiary of Alpha Dhabi Holding and the world’s largest investment company in the renewable energy sector has signed an agreement with the General Electricity Company of Libya, (GECOL), to establish a long-term strategic partnership and collaborate in Libya’s renewable energy sector. W Solar and the Libyan government will jointly invest in the green energy sector of Libya under this MoU. W Solar will build solar photovoltaic power plants and sell the energy generated to the Libyan government. This MoU represents a significant step in the business collaboration between the public sector and the private sector in green energy.

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Benya Group Signs An Agreement With Alfanar To Implement Renewable Energy Projects In Egypt And Saudi Arabia

To capitalize on the strategic relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Benya Group, the leading digital solutions and ICT infrastructure provider in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, has signed a cooperation agreement with Al-Fanar Company, a leader in the electrical and construction industries in the Middle East and Asia. The objective of this agreement is to support the anticipated expansions of both companies in the Egyptian and Saudi markets and provide the latest advanced solutions in digital transformation, infrastructure and renewable energy. The signing of the agreement coincides with the visit of his Highness, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman to Egypt, given that Saudi Arabia is one of the major economic partners of Egypt with nearly $30 billion in investments.

APICORP: MENA Energy Investments Set For Healthy Growth Of 9% Over The Next 5 Years, To Reach USD 879 Billion

The Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP), a multilateral financial institution, has launched its MENA Energy Investment Outlook 2022-2026, forecasting that the total planned and committed investments in the MENA region are expected to increase by 9% to exceed USD879 Bn over the next five years – a USD 74 Bn increase from the USD 805 Bn estimate in last year’s five-year outlook. The report notes that the Russia-Ukraine war has led to contrasting impacts on the region’s energy landscape, with net-energy exporters spearheading the increase in project expenditure thanks to the windfall of oil and gas revenues caused by the spike in prices driven by the war. However, global geopolitical volatility and macro headwinds are not curtailing oil, gas, power and petrochemical investment growth in MENA for the upcoming 5 years.

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Iraq’s First PV+ESS Benchmark Project Provided by Kehua Successfully Comes into Operation

Recently, the “2.5MWp PV + 1.5MW/2.5MWh Energy Storage System+ 3MW Diesel Generation” off-grid micro-grid solution for Camp B9 in Iraq, provided by Kehua, was successfully put into operation. It is also the first benchmark demonstration project of Ministry of Oil (Iraq) and Ministry of Electricity (Iraq). This is the first photovoltaic energy storage power plant project in Iraq, which attracts great interest from the industry and joint concern from the Ministry of Oil (Iraq) and Ministry of Electricity (Iraq). The PV+ESS+DG project for Camp B9 is located in Basra province, southern Iraq. The complete off-grid power supply system includes 2.5MW PV, 1.5MW/2.5MWh energy storage and 3 diesel generators of 3MW in total, maximizing energy utilization efficiency through multi-energy complementary and intelligent control.

KarmSolar Obtains Generation License For Biggest Solar Net-Metering Project In Egypt

In June of 2022, KarmSolar was able to obtain the license for generation and get the project commissioned. Dakahlia Group is one of the largest exporters of oranges in the world, and one of KarmSolar’s biggest clients, with more than 20 MWp of solar installed for their facilities. The construction of Dakahlia Group’s solar net-metering station took 6 months to complete. The station has a capacity of over 16 MWp, making it the largest solar net-metering project in Egypt. This 16.8 MWp station commissioned for Dakahlia Agriculture Development is the largest private Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) project in Egypt. Located amongst the orange fruit orchards of Dakahlia Group in Wadi Natrun, this station is a seemingly endless sea of solar arrays that you can get lost in. One of the main characteristics about solar is how it can generate massive amounts of energy quietly, blending in with the calm nature of its environment.

Turkey Allocates 700 MW Capacity Of Solar PV In Second Tranche Of The 1GW Capacity

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Ministry of Energy of Turkey allocated 700 MW capacity of solar PV in the second tranche of the 1GW capacity of YEKA4 PV tender. This tender was launched last July. Gunder in Turkey, a PV association, stated that the ministry had selected two 100-MW solar projects and 10 with 50 MW installed capacity each. Prices for 12 projects ranged between TRY 0.49 and TRY 0.597/kWh. The ministry set a TRY 0.40/kWh ceiling price for the YEKA4 procurement exercise. Three 100-MW projects were selected by the Turkish authorities in the solar tender. They were offered by the three developers, TRY 0.375/kWh, TRY 0.39/kWh and TRY 0.427/kWh respectively. The lowest price was TRY 0.375/kWh, which included both tranches. The final average price offered was TRY0.51 (0.031)/kWh. The 1GW YEKA3 PV tender was the previous procurement exercise. The lowest bid was TRY 0.182/kWh.

Kenlov Renewable Energy Expands Development Pipeline To 3 GW As It Builds Global IPP

Tel Aviv-headquartered Kenlov Renewable Energy has made swift progress in establishing itself as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) with a global portfolio. Having formally entered the market via its US Joint Venture with strategic partner Ashtrom Group, Kenlov Ashtrom Renewable Energy (KARE LLC) in late 2021, Kenlov has now grown an international development pipeline of wind and solar assets exceeding 3GW. The milestone has been reached following KARE’s sourcing this month of the 300 MW Rolling Sun project in Bushland, Texas. The project is slated to enter construction in 2024, with commercial operations to commence in early 2025, entering the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) market.

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